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July 2019 Update: ROOMS: Jan & Tony added to the TV GALLERY following it's recent repeat screening (the first for 45 years!!) on Talking Pictures TV. 


June 2019 Update:  MONOCHROME added to FILM Section (including pictures) 

August 2018 Update: NEXT OF KIN added to TV GALLERY.

February 2018 Update: NEXT OF KIN added to TELEVISION Section. 

October 2017 Update: GUEST BOOK suspended due to being hi-jacked by spammers!

July 2017 Update:  2 recent(ish) magazines added to the IN PRINT section, one with Jan on the Cover which has also been added to the COVERS GALLERY.

February 2017 Update: THE HOBBIT (JACKANORY) added (somewhat belatedly) to the AUDIO Page..

December 2016 NEWS: Ending the year on a high note, the 1975 BBC Play of the Month LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST featuring Jan as Maria has recently been made available for download via the BBC Store.

December 2016 Update: LOVE'S LABOUR'S LOST added to the TV GALLERY.

April 2016 NEWS: Jan returns to our screens on Monday 18th April in the 6-part BBC 1 sitcom I WANT MY WIFE BACK (9:30-10:00 pm). [Repeated Wednesday 20th April, BBC1, 10:45 pm. Also currently being repeated on Wednesdays is the 2013 radio comedy WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE, PLEASE INVADE CAREFULLY (Radio 4, 6:30 pm).]

News also of another film appearance for Jan, featuring in Tom Lawes's MONOCHROME, filmed last year and set for a " Spring/Summer 2016" release. Information is still sketchy but further details (including a trailer) can be found at the following links: 

February 2016 Update: a second GIVE US A KISS, CHRISTABEL Publicity Shot added to the Photo Gallery.

November 2014 Update: "new" BBC Radio additions to the AUDIO Page gleaned from the new BBC Genome website (an archive of the TV and Radio listings from every issue of Radio Times from 1923 to 2009) which is well worth a visit:

May 2014 Update: CASUALTY added to the TELEVISION Page and TV GALLERY.

August 2013 Update: LAW & ORDER: UK added to the TELEVISION Page and TV GALLERY.

July 2013 NEWS: Jan is due to grace our TV screens again (finally) in an upcoming episode of Series 7 of ITV's Law & Order: UK (the 6-part series starts Sunday 14th July at 9pm).  

March 2013 NEWS: The 4-part series of WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE... starts on Radio 2 at 9:30pm on Thursday 7th March.

February 2013 NEWS: Despite no TV acting roles from Jan last year it turns out there was a radio acting role when she featured in the pilot of the comedy WELCOME TO OUR VILLAGE, PLEASE INVADE CAREFULLY broadcast on Radio 2 at 9:30pm on 5 July 2012. And now a 6(?) part series is about to be recorded (11 and 16 February at the BBC Radio Theatre - all tickets already taken!) for broadcast in March...


September 2012 UPDATE: VILLAGE HALL - The Complete Second Series added to the ADDITIONAL CREDITS Page and TV GALLERY.

August 2012 NEWS:  September sees  the release of  Series 2 of VILLAGE HALL (courtesy of NETWORK DVD naturally) which includes the episode THE ROUGH AND THE SMOOTH starring Jan (you can see the cover and pre-order at the usual outlets)... 

August 2012 UPDATE:  ROMANCE Poster added to STAGE Page.

May/June 2012 NEWS & UPDATE:  Jan's forthcoming theatre appearance in her home town of Tenterden has sadly just been cancelled due to poor ticket sales (see STAGE Page for details)... 

May 2012 NEWS:  Jan filmed another TV Sitcom pilot on Friday 27th April, this one entilted NAKED HOUSE. Here's the official blurb: "Jason Manford stars in a brand new family sitcom pilot. Having recently fallen on hard times, and much to the annoyance of his wife Dana and son Mike, the family is forced to move back up North and back in with his retired parents (Russ Abbott and Jan Francis). And if three generations under one roof wasn't bad enough, his parents are celebrating their retirement with a new hobby - naturism!" Let's hope it doesn't follow the fate of the two other pilots mentioned on this page and actually makes it to our screens this time...  

May 2012 UPDATE: STAY LUCKY Series 3 DVD Sleeve added to ADDITONAL CREDITS.

March 2012 NEWS: Finally some news for 2012, our friends at NETWORK DVD are set to release STAY LUCKY Series 3 on April 23rd  (you can see the Cover and pre-order at the usual outlets)...

November 2011 UPDATE: ROMANCE Programme Cover added to the STAGE Page.


 August 2011 UPDATE: Latest DVD Releases added to ADDITIONAL CREDITS.

 June 2011 NEWS: Even more good news regarding DVD releases, STAY LUCKY Series 2 is also coming from NETWORK DVD on August 8th (again you can see the Cover and pre-order at Amazon)...

May 22nd 2011 NEWS: Further good news on the DVD front, UNDER THE HAMMER is finally getting a release on June 21st, albeit only on Region 1 at the moment (further details and Cover Photo can be found at
Meanwhile, the (Region 2) release of THE GOOD COMPANIONS has now been moved forward to August 8th...

May 2011 Update: THE PARTY OF THE FIRST PART added to the TV GALLERY.

May 2011 NEWS: The good folk at NETWORK DVD are set to release the 9-part 1980 TV Series of THE GOOD COMPANIONS, which Jan starred in as "Susie Dean", as a 3-Disc Set in September (you can see the Cover and pre-order at Amazon)...

END OF YEAR NEWS (12/2010): Last month (12th November) Jan recorded a pilot at BBC TV Centre for a new sitcom titled ROLLIN' WITH THE ROBERTS, starring Don Gillet and Nina Sosanya with Jan in a supporting role. With no news of a transmission date, we'll have to hope it doesn't follow the fate of XTREEEM SOAP (see bottom of this page) and remain unseen...

END OF YEAR UPDATE (12/2010): Just one addition to the Books list on the IN PRINT Page and a mere 5 titles added to the list of AUDIO Books (summing up the paucity of new credits in the past 12 months)...

NEWS (November 2010): As fans will no doubt be aware, the much anticipated Complete JUST GOOD FRIENDS DVD Set has finally been released. Although initial reports suggest it isn't perhaps as "complete" as had been hoped, because as well as the anticpated replacement of music in the Christmas Special party scenes (with the dialogue therein appearing only as subtitles) some viewers have already spotted various minor edits in other episodes too..

Also just released (November 4th) is a new DR WHO CD Audio Book starring Tom Baker as The Doctor with a guest appearance from Jan.

DEMON QUEST, Volume 3: A Shard of Ice is the third of five linked stories written by Paul Magrs, and the cast includes Jan as "The Ice Queen".

The Synopsis states that part of the story involves a prophecy that The Doctor will encounter an Ice Queen Monster, in which case it would seem that Jan might even feature on the Cover as seen below!:



NEWS (31/07/10): At long last U BE DEAD has been given a UK Broadcast Date: Sunday 5th September, so set your recorders now, or at least keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't get postponed yet again... (Many thanks to Simon for the heads up.)


NEWS (June 2010): After her disappointingly brief run in EMMERDALE earlier this year, Jan returns to our screens on Wednesday 30th June in REUNITED, a one-off one-hour comedy drama pilot to be shown on BBC1 at 9pm... [Thanks to Simon and Raymond for this information.]

UPDATE (12/06/10): CALL MY BLUFF 1985 and 1991 BAFTA AWARDS pictures added to the TV Gallery.

UPDATE (15/05/10): THE HANGED MAN added to Additional Credits (DVD Release) and TV Gallery.

NEWS (03/03/10): Jan's fans will be delighted to learn that she is soon to be a regular on our TV screens for the first time in over a decade when she joins the cast of the Yorkshire TV "soap" EMMERDALE later this month...

This will see her reunited with Patrick Mower who she last worked with on an episode of TARGET back in 1978 as she will play a love interest for his character Rodney Blackstock.

NEWS (11/07/09): U BE DEAD has finally surfaced, albeit on the other side of the world, as it was screened on Sunday July 5th on the New Zealand channel TV1. Hopefully a UK screening will follow shortly*... Meanwhile here's a shot of Jan from the programme:



*U BE DEAD is due to be shown in the UK later in 2010... 


UPDATE (05/08/09): After a positive response to the Screen Captures added to the TELEVISION Alphabetical Listing sub-page, these have now been given their own page - TV GALLERY - along with many other screen captures from Jan's TV appearances...


UPDATE (03/12/08): A Jukebox has been added to the AUDIO Page to allow you to listen to 2 tracks featuring Jan on lead vocals from the recently discovered (by me anyway) Soundtrack Album from THE GOOD COMPANIONS. (Jan also features on a further 9 tracks as part of the Company.)



A Sub-Page has been added to the TELEVISION Page listing all the programme titles alphabetically for easy reference (along with a few scans from TV Press Brochures).

Continuing problems with the working of the FORUM have forced its removal (for now at least)...


Regarding what year Jan was born, several correspondents have queried my listing of 1947 (where most printed sources give it as 1951), but I'm sure this is correct as I've checked at the Public Records Office - and it was actually Jan who, inadvertently perhaps, put me on the trail when in the interview she gave to FAMILY CIRCLE in October 1984 she stated: "When I joined the Royal Ballet I always took my make-up off carefully. I think it has paid off - at 36, I don't seem to be getting too many wrinkles, do I?" This would make her birth year 1948, or even 1947 depending when the interview was conducted. And as there was no Jan(et) Francis born on August 5th 1948 -1951, I checked 1947 and there she was...


I've also had several emails from people thinking they'd be making direct contact with Jan, but this is an unofficial site and I have no direct link to Jan; therefore, anyone wishing to write to Jan/request a signed photo should write care of her agents at the following address:

Jan Francis c/o Gordon & French 12-13 Poland Street London W1F 8QB


And let us know how you get on...! (Jan fan John received the below response recently)






Jan's fans might be interested to know that following a brief hiatus after the last Jan Francis Yahoo Group folded there are now two Groups dedicated to Jan, these can be found by clicking on the following links:



While the previously listed justjanfrancis group can now be found at:

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Towards the end of 2008 Jan was named as the new face of CC Petite (fashions for petite women), check out their website for more info and a couple of nice pictures of Jan at:  

 [NOTE: This link is now broken.]

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This is more like non-news, as it concerns a programme announced in 2005 but still unseen, namely XTREEM SOAP, a spoof soap opera penned by Harry Hill. A pilot episode starring Jan alongside John Thompson and Darren Day was said to be being made by ITV1 but nothing has been heard since. Whether it was ever made, and if so whether it will ever be broadcast, remains unclear. If anyone has any further information, let us know...

August '09 - some more information has just come to light, apparently the name was changed to SOAPINGTON WAY and a pilot episode was filmed on the 7th November 2007 after which it was decided not to go ahead with the series. [It's still unclear whether Jan actually featured in this pilot episode though.]

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