Jan's first billed film role was in the 1979 big budget remake of DRACULA, but there's an intriguing possibility that her first film appearance actually came 8 years prior to this in Ken Russell's THE BOYFRIEND.

The evidence? Chiefly her biography from the March 1971 theatre programme for Play it Again, Sam which states "After ...Sam, Jan goes into the film of THE BOY FRIEND directed by Ken Russell."


And the case is strengthened not only by the Jan's known dancing skills but also by the fact that she had previously appeared in a stage version of THE BOY FRIEND (it would make sense to cast actresses/dancers who knew the play)...

Presumably she played one of the identikit dancers/singers which makes actually spotting her in the film (assuming she made the final cut) somewhat difficult. Things are further complicated by the fact that the film was released in a truncated 102-minute version rather than Russell's preferred 135-minute version which only saw the light of day as a 2-disc Director's Cut laser disc edition in 1990, and neither version has yet been released on DVD...

If 1971 was the beginning of Jan's film career it was still a false start as she didn't make a proper appearance until the end of the decade. The reason for this is unclear; perhaps she was a victim of the snobbery still prevalent at the time which said you were either a film or TV actor, or maybe she just wasn't offered any worthwhile roles - British cinema in the 1970s was in the doldrums, seemingly content to churn out inane sex comedies and low-budget horrors. [On the subject of which, the Internet Movie Database suggests that Jan was offered a key role in VAMPIRA (1975) but had to decline as she was already committed to a TV project (presumably HAWKEYE THE PATHFINDER).]

Confirmed Film Appearances:

Dracula (Universal, 1979)
Director:John Badham

Frank Langella... Count Dracula
Laurence Olivier... Prof. Abraham Van Helsing
Donald Pleasence... Dr. Jack Seward
Kate Nelligan... Lucy Seward
Trevor Eve... Jonathan Harker
Jan Francis... Mina Van Helsing
Additional Credit: "Dances Arranged by Jan Francis"


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Champions (Archerwest, 1984)
Director:John Irvin

John Hurt... Bob Champion
Jan Francis... Jo
Edward Woodward... Josh Gifford
Ann Bell... Valda Embiricos
Peter Barkworth... Nick Embiricos
Ben Johnson... Burly Cocks
Kirstie Alley... Barbara
Alison Steadman... Mary Hussey

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N.B. - Jan also appears in the film  'SIBLING RIVALRY' (1990), in a clip from 'DRACULA' being watched on TV by character in the film, and she and the film are identified in the closing credits.