Despite an avowed aversion to the whole celebrity culture, Jan has still accounted for many column inches in numerous publications, especially at the height of her fame in the mid-1980s to early-1990s, a time when editors regularly placed her on their covers knowing her face could help sell a magazine - see Covers Gallery (and note the shameful lack of a Radio Times Cover appearance!).

These cover appearances were usually accompanied by an interview and/or a major article, details of which are given below, along with other significant pieces from non-cover issues.

And while Jan has yet to present us with her autobiography, her co-stars in her two most popular series have, and naturally Jan features in both in pictures and text (as well as contributing direct quotes to Dennis Waterman's). Additionally, Jan has featured on and in various TV reference books, along with tie-in novelisations of various series.


 Jan's first post-Ballet publicity?

And the accompanying text



COVERS + Interviews & Major/Significant Articles:

l DAILY MIRROR 24 December 1969  - TV MIRROR: 'DODDY'S XMAS BAZAAR' with Large B&W Picture
l TV TIMES 10-16 March 1973 - 'COUNTRY MATTERS: The Four Beauties' 1½-Page Feature: "Matters of Romantic Taste in Fashion" with Full-Page Colour Picture of the 3 leads & Short Interviews by Jill Whiffing
l TV TIMES 9-15 November 1974 - 'ROOMS' 1974 Short Feature/Interview by Tony Stenson
l TV TIMES November 15-21 1980 - 'THE GOOD COMPANIONS' Cover (+ feature about the source material)
l NEWS OF THE WORLD 23 November 1980 - "Good Companion Jan Won't Turn Bad" Short Interview by Derek Shuff
l {Newspaper} early 1983 "Jan's Role Was A Pain" mini (DRACULA) interview by Pat Moore (on TV/working on JGF)
l RADIO TIMES 17-23 September 1983 - "All My Characters Are Real. I Don't Invent Them" (Page John Sullivan interview with B&W Jan & Paul Nicholas picture)
l THE SUN February 21 1984 - "That's My Boy" Jo (Champion) on Jan/Jan on Jo (½-Page CHAMPIONS Feature/Interviews)
l WOMAN'S WEEKLY 10 March 1984 - Cover + 3-Page Colour 'About Town' Feature/Interview by Ian Woodward
l MY WEEKLY April 1984 - "Life's Just Champion For Jan Francis" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Sheila Hutchinson
l FAMILY CIRCLE 3 October 1984 - Cover + "Making One Face Go A Long Way" 4-Page Feature/Interview
l RADIO TIMES 6-12 October 1984 - "Fooling in Love Again" Full-Page JGF Colour picture + ½-Page Interviews by Peter Silverton
l DAILY EXPRESS 13 October 1984 - "Getting The Elbow: That Smooth Talker Would Be No Friend of Mine, Says Jan" ¾-Page Interview by Garth Pearce (+ Cover Inset)
l {Broadsheet Newspaper} October/November1984 - "I'd Run A Mile From A Sweet Man Like Vince" ¾-Page Interview by Paul Wallace
l DAILY MAIL 22 December 1984 - "How Penny Came to Look A Million Dollars" ¾-Page Feature/Interview by Corinna Honan
l WEEKLY NEWS 22 December 1984 - JUST GOOD FRIENDS Cover + "Just Good Friends, But Will Santa Claus Play Cupid?" Page Feature with Jan & Paul Interviews
l {Glossy Monthly Woman's Magazine} mid-1985 - "Just Loves Good Food" short interview on career & favourite food!
l WEEKEND 18-31 December 1985 - Cover + "My Just Good Weekend" ½-Page Interview by Sheila Hutchinson

l CELEBRITY 13-19 February 1986 - Cover + "At Home with Jan Francis" 1½-Page Interview by Ian Woodward
l MAIL ON SUNDAY: YOU Magazine (early 1986) - "The Actresses's Dilemma" 2-Page Feature/Interview by Anthony Deneslow
l TODAY 5 March 1986 - "The Entertainers: Sugar Sweet Jan Turns on the Spice" LEND ME A TENOR ¾-Page Interview by Angela Brooks
l MIDWEEK 6 March 1986 - "A Pretty Penny" LEND ME A TENOR ½-Page Interview by Nick Smurthwaite
l {Newspaper} March 1986 - "Goffer A Song" (Friday People) - short Dennis Lawson/Jan LEND ME A TENOR interviews by Linda Murdin
l AUSTRALIAN PAPER (MAIL ON SUNDAY March 1986): "Life's Still A Laugh For Jan After A Comedy Success" ½-Page Interview by Anthony Deneslow {reworking of  MAIL ON SUNDAY/YOU feature above}
l AUSTRALIAN PAPER (March 1986): "Smart Chat is Just Not Jan's Style" ½-Page Interview by Guy Phillips ("in London")
l DAILY STAR 22 April 1986 - "Will Good Egg Marry A Bit of Rough?" Page Colour Feature with Jan & Paul Interviews by Stafford Hildred   

l WEEKEND 23 September 1986 - Cover (+ Short TV Preview Feature with Small Colour JGF Picture)
l {Weekly Entertainment Mag, November 1986} - "Men Like Vince Give Jan The Pip" Short Interview
l FAMILY CIRCLE November 1986 - JUST GOOD FRIENDS Cover + 4-Page Colour Feature: "The Art of Quarrelling" (with JGF dialogue quotes)
l RADIO TIMES 8-14 November 1986 - "Paris Match" with Full Page Colour Picture and Page Feature/Interviews by Renate Kohler
l DAILY EXPRESS (November 1986) - "Alors, Look Who's Back Together Again" ½-Page Feature/Interview by Garth Pearce
l DAILY MIRROR 7 November 1986 - "Just Good Strangers: Family Anguish of TV's Penny" ½-Page Interview by Tony Purnell
l {DAILY MAIL? November 1986?} "Big Date Then The Penny Dropped" Short Interview by by Chris Kenworthy
l TITBITS December 1986 - "Just Bad Friends: Him on Her/Her on Him" 1½-Page Colour Feature with Jan & Paul interviews by Guy Phillps
l TODAY (December 1986)
- "Jan Can't Resist A Good Giggle!" ½-Page Interview by Huw Rossiter
l DAILY STAR 13 December 1986 - "The Day I Nearly Died" Page Interview by Chris Kenworthy
l THE SUN 24 December 1986 - "At Last Vince & Penny Wed" ¾-Page Feature/Interviews by Tim Ewbank (+ Cover Inset)  


l WEEKEND 21-27 January 1987 - STARFILE Colour Page
l CELEBRITY 24-30 September 1987 - results of a Poll of 1,000 women to rank female celebrities in the following categories: MOST BEAUTIFUL, MOST SEXY, BEST BODY, MOST LIKEABLE, MOST STYLISH, and MOST WANT TO LOOK LIKE, with Jan at number 5 in the MOST LIKEABLE and 10 in the MOST STYLISH.
l DAILY MAIL 28 November 1987 - "Penny's Ditching Vince At Last" Page Interview by John Sandilands
(?early 1988?) - "A Penny For Them" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Ian Woodward
l TODAY 29 April 1988 - "I'll Never Be Just Plain Penny Again" Page Interview by Val Sampson (+ Cover Inset)
l SUNDAY EXPRESS 24 April 1988 - "Sweet Jan is Longing to Be Truly Nasty" ¾-Page Interview by Ian Woodward
l WOMAN'S OWN 11 June 1988 - Cover + "Paul & I Can Never Be Just Good Friends Again" 2-Page Feature/Interview by Jo Weedon
l POPULAR PUZZLES AND PRIZES September 1988 - Cover
l BEST 16 September 1988 - "We Meet Jan Francis" Short Interview
l BELLA 19 November 1988 - "French Cuss" Short interview on the SECRET ARMY-inspired sit-com ALLO ALLO         


l TODAY 2 June 1989 - "Just Good Enemies" 2-Page Colour STAY LUCKY Preview with Interviews by Lester Middlehurst
l WOMAN'S OWN (1989) - Modelling Puffin Jumper (Double Page Colour Picture)
l SUNDAY MIRROR 26 November 1989 - "Oh Lucky Minder. Dennis is No Male Menace Says Jan" ½-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Joe Steeples
l WOMAN 27 November 1989 - Cover + "Tel Strikes it Lucky" 2-Page Colour Feature with Dennis Waterman and Jan interviews by Garth Pearce
l HELLO (November 1989) - "Balancing Family Life with New TV Role" Short Interview by Marina Shamoon
l TV TIMES 2-8 December 1989 - STAY LUCKY Cover + "Just Being Themselves" 2-Page Feature/Interviews by Derek Hall + Full-Page Colour Picture
l CHANNEL TV TIMES 2-8 December 1989 - STAY LUCKY Cover (Different to Above) + same Feature/Interviews (with Different Pictures)
l TV GUIDE December 2-8 December 1989 - STAY LUCKY Cover + "Just Got Lucky" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interviews by Nick Fisher
l TODAY MALE & FEMALE 2 December 1989 - STAY LUCKY Cover + "Our Dangerous TV Liaison Was Made in Heaven, Says Jan" Page Colour Feature/Interview by Lester Middlehurst


l TAKE A BREAK 2 June 1990 - Cover + "Chat Up Creeps Drive Me Mad, Says Jan" Page Colour Feature/Interview by Marina Shamoon
l WOMAN 4 June 1990 - Cover + "Wildlife in Danger - Spare A Second Thought Before It's Too Late" " 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Lulu Appleton
l HOROSCOPE August 1990 - Cover
l THE SUN 22 September 1990 - "20 Facts Some Good Friend Told Us About Lucky Star Jan" ¾-Page Feature
l CHAT 29 September 1990 - Cover + "Staying Lucky" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Jane Marley
l TV TIMES 29 September-5 October 1990 - STAY LUCKY Cover + "Don't Push Your Luck, Mate!" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Mary Fletcher
l MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS 6 October 1990 -"Banking on Luck" ½-Page Interview by Stuart Gilles
l CHANNEL TV TIMES 29 September-5 October 1990 - STAY LUCKY Cover (Different to Above) + Same Feature/Interview (with Different Pictures)
l TV TIMES 20-26 October 1990 - "My First Time on TV" ½-Page Feature/Interview
l {Glossy Woman's monthly} (October 1990?) "ME & MY LOOKS" short colour interview by Caroline Hogg


l TV TIMES 9-15 February 1991 - TV TIMES Awards Cover
l BEST (mid-1991) - "I Might Be Little But I'm Fierce" 2-Page Colour Interview (interviewer not given)
l RADIO TIMES 28 September-4 October 1991 - "Lucky Jan" ¾-Page Colour Interview (interviewer not given)
l DAILY STAR 12 October 1991 - "Jan & Den in Love Again" ½-Page Feature/Interview by Richard Middleton
l THE SUN TV GUIDE 12-18 October 1991 - STAY LUCKY Cover ("You Lucky People") + 2-Page Colour Feature/Interviews ("Jan Misses Her Drinks with Camera Crew") by Jill Chadwick
l WHAT'S ON TV 12-18 October 1991 - STAY LUCKY Cover + "Third Time Lucky" ¾-Page Colour Feature/Interviews by Jane Oddy
l {Some Sunday Newspaper} October 1991 - "Jan Bares No More Than Enough For The Storyline" ½-Page Interview by Graham Keal
l TV TIMES 19-25 October 1991 - STAY LUCKY Cover + "They're Such Good Friends" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Mary Fletcher
l WOMAN'S REALM (circa October 1991) - "Lifestyle" Colour Feature/Interview by Linda Bilgorri
l {TV Mag} (circa October 1991) - "Dennis is A Pussycat Really" ½-Page Colour Feature/Interview (interviewer not given)

l SUNDAY (News of the World) 2 February 1992 - Cover + "The Prime of Miss Jan Francis" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Stafford Hildred & Ian Woodward
l CELEBRITY CROSSWORDS No.3 September 1992 - Cover + ½-Page Feature/Profile with Page B&W Picture 
l SUNDAY EXPRESS Magazine (January?) 1993 - GOING SHOPPING: 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Christopher Kenworthy
l HOUSE BEAUTIFUL December 1993/January 1994 - "First Base" (Jan's first home) Page Colour Feature/Interview by Tim Ewbank
l THE SUN SUPER GUIDE 8-14 January 1994 - UNDER THE HAMMER Cover ("One Foot in Red Square")
l TV TIMES 8-14 January 1994 - "Me, Luck, Love And That Awful Penny" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Larry Ashe 
l {TV/Woman's Mag} January 1994 - "I Hate Putting Myself on Show" ½-Page Colour Feature/Interview (interviewer not given)
l BOURNEMOUTH EVENING ECHO Monday January 10, 1994 - "Opportunity Knocks: Hammer Falls on Another Great Role for Jan Francis" ½-Page Interview
l WHAT'S ON TV 8-14 January 1994 - "Jan's New Image" Short Colour Interview by David Parker
l LIVERPOOL ECHO 15 January 1994 - "Going Going Great"¾-Page Interview by Peter Grant
l THE NEWS Monday 17 January 1994 - "Jan's Artfully Coy on New Romance" ½-Page Interview by Kevin Briscoe
l WOMAN'S WEEKLY 8 February 1994 - Cover +"My Kids Are My Masterpieces" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Eithne Power
l OK February 1994 - Cover + Feature/Interview: "Jan Francis: A Picture of Happiness" 6-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Val Sampson (including 3 Full-Page Colour Pictures)
l {A woman's weekly, October 1995?} - CELEBRITY TALKBACK: 7 Questions (Short Colour Interview)
l THIS WEEK 14 October 1995 - "Miss Goody Two Shoes Comes Clean" 1-Page Feature/Interview by Victoria Hinton + Full-Page Colour Picture
l WOMAN'S WEEKLY 24 October 1995 - Cover + "It Was The Worst Day of My Life" 2-Page Colour Feature/Interview by Francine Cohen
l TODAY 11-17 November 1995 - TV Section Cover + "Jan is Rough & Ready For Life After Penny" Page Colour Feature/Interview by Pauline Wallin
l {BEST?} October 1995 - "At Last I Don't Have to Hide My Wrinkles" ½-Page Interview by Jo Weedon
l "YES" (PEOPLE) 22 October 1995 - "I Can't Watch Dumbo Even Now... Because I'll Cry My Eyes Out" Colour Page 'Question Time' Interview by Francine Cohen
l WESTERN MORNING NEWS 11 November 1995 - "Jan Sheds Her Goody Goody Image" Page Feature/Interview by Derek Robins (+ Cover inset)
l DAILY MIRROR Saturday 11 November 1995 - "Saucy Girl Next Door" Short Interview by Rowena Mafham
l RADIO TIMES 11-17 November 1995 - Interview: "My Kind of Day" Colour Page Feature/Interview by David Gillard
l WHAT'S ON TV 2-8 December 1995 - "Older & Bolder" Short Interview (interviewer not given)
l WEEKLY NEWS 15 November 1997 - Cover +"Jan Proved Failure At Matchmaking" Page Colour Feature/Interview (interviewer not given)
l SUNDAY LIFE 9 November 1997 - "Jan Sparkles Again" ¾-Page Interview by Graham Keal
l WHAT'S ON TV 15-21 November 1997 - "Older But Bolder" Short Colour Interview by Steve Clark
l DAILY MAIL 18 November 1997 - "Some of My Male Co-Stars Want to Be More Than JGF But Why Risk Marriage for A Fling?" Page Interview by Lester Middlehurst
l RADIO TIMES 22-28 November 1997 - ¾-Page Colour PEOPLE Interview by Tina Ogle
l WEEKEND (Sunday Newspaper supplement) 12 January 2002 - "More Than Just Good Friends" (2-Page Colour Interview by Michelle Hellicar)
l WHAT'S ON TV 23-29 July 2005 - "Losing it All?" Short Colour Interview by Natasha Holt
l WHAT'S ON TV 9-15 September 2006 - "Not Such A Good Friend" Short Colour Interview by Donna Findlay

l YOURS 3-16 November, 2009 - "My Lessons from Life" 1 Page Q&A with Katherine Hassell (with 2 colour pictures)

l TAKE IT EASY (People on Sunday Newspaper supplement) 8 November 2009 - "I've fought against being typecast" 1 Page Q&A with Tim Oglethorpe (with 4 colour pictures)

l SCREAM January/February 2015 – Part Cover + 3-Page Making of DRACULA (1979) feature and 2-Page Jan interview & 3 colour Jan photos. (Strill available to buy, or as a download.)

l LITTLE SHOPPE OF HORRORS #36 (June 2016) – 100-Page issue dedicated enitrely to The Making of Universal's 1979 DRACULA including 3 pages devoted to Jan with 13 B&W photos and interview + various other Jan DRACULA photos throughout the issue.



                [Titles in Bold Indicate Jan is Pictured on the Cover]

Film Tie-ins:
DRACULA (1979) - Col. Poster Repro. Cover + 24 Pages of Colour Film Stills Inside, Incl. 4 of Jan
CHAMPIONS (1984) - Col Film Still Cov., Cast (incl. Jan) named on back [Photos inside = "Real" illustrations!]

TV Tie-ins:
ANNE OF AVONLEA - Colour TV Still Covers. Jan Not Pictured/Mentioned
ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - Colour TV Still Covers. Jan Not Pictured/Mentioned
CHANCE TO SIT DOWN, A - Col TV Still Cover (Jan alone, H&S) + Main Cast (Incl. Jan) Named on Back.
DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET, THE: THE GOLDEN YEARS - Col. TV Still Cover. [Jan episodes novelised]
FALL OF EAGLES - Colour TV Logo(?) Cover + Main Cast - Not Jan! - Listed Inside. "Real" B&W Illustrations
GOOD COMPANIONS, THE - Col TV Still Cover (Jan + male, F-L) + Main Cast (Incl. Jan) Named on Back.
HANGED MAN, THE - Colour TV Still Covers. Jan Not Pictured/Mentioned
HAWKEYE, THE PATHFINDER - Colour TV Still Cover. Jan Not Even Mentioned!
RAFFLES - Colour TV Still Covers. Jan Not Pictured/Mentioned [Jan episode novelised]

MORE) RIPPING YARNS: Illustrated Scripts - Col TV Still Cover + Jan in 9(?) of Copious B&W TV Stills Inside
SECRET ARMY - Col TV Still Cover (Jan alone, H&S) + Main Cast (Incl. Jan) Named on Back.
SECRET ARMY DOSSIER - Colour TV Still Cover. Main Cast (Incl. Jan) Named Inside
THRILLER - Colour TV Still Cover. [Jan story/episode novelised first (not named/pictured though)]
UNDER THE HAMMER - Colour TV Still Covers. Jan BACK Cover Pic Only! 

Theatre Tie-in:
LEND ME A TENOR (1986) - Published Play  (Samuel French - London)

Reference Books:

WHO'S WHO ON TELEVISION (1982) - B&W picture inside + career resume
TELEVISION YEARBOOK, THE (1985) [Covers: Sept '84-Aug '85] - 'JGF' 1 of 10 cover TV stills + featured inside
WHO'S WHO ON TELEVISION (1988) - (different) B&W picture inside + updated career resume
BOX OF DELIGHTS - THE GOLDEN YEARS OF TELEVISION (1989) - Featured inside, no pictures.
40 YEARS OF BRITISH TELEVISION (1992) - JUST GOOD FRIENDS picture + ratings success
THE GUINESS BOOK OF CLASSIC BRITISH TELEVISION (1993) - featured inside, nobody pictured.
THE GUINNESS BOOK OF SITCOMS (1994) - Jan Head &Shoulders, 1 of 3 TV stills on the cover + JUST GOOD FRIENDS & STAY LUCKY featured.
BRITISH TELEVISION [BFI] (1994) - 5 entries indexed under name (PREMIÈRE - GIVE US A KISS, CHRISTABEL/SECRET ARMY/THE GOOD COMPANIONS/JUST GOOD FRIENDS/STAY LUCKY) all with B&W pictures featuring Jan, plus many more she appeared in single episode of so is not mentioned/pictured


THE COMPLETE A-Z OF ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES (Orion, 2003) - under the heading MEMORIES OF LENNARD PEARCE Jan contributes a short but touching article on how they met on her first stage acting job and remained friends throughout his life.



THE COMPLETE 'SECRET ARMY' - Andy Priestner (Classic TV Press, December 2008) - Jan's contribution to this weighty 662-page tome is restricted to 3 B&W pictures (a mid-70s Spotlight shot, an early SECRET ARMY publicity shot, and a group shot from 2006's AN EVENING AT LE CANDIDE), a brief biography (the content of which will be (very!) familiar to regulars to this site), an incomplete credit listing, and a few brief quotes, the most interesting of which concern her side of the story of her departure from the show - it seems the original intention was to have Lisa/Yvette suffer a nervous breakdown and so gradually write her out over the course of the second series, but alerted to this by one of the prosepctive writers for these episodes Jan decided to jump ship, returning only for the opening episode so her character could be killed off... So while recommended unreservedly for general fans of SECRET ARMY, if your main interest is Jan's involvement then there's simply not enough to justify the £30.00 cover price. 



BEHIND THE SMILE - MY AUTOIBIOGRAPHY by Paul Nicholas (with Douglas Thompson) [1999, Andre Deutsch] {2 Stills with Jan}
REMINDER: MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY by Dennis Waterman (with Jill Arison) [HUTCHINSON, 2000] {1 Still with Jan}
IT'S NOT A RUNNER BEAN (Collected Writings) by Mark Steele [THE DO-NOT PRESS, 1996] (brief mention of Jan when they appeared in a TV programme together.)

                     [See Covers Gallery for books with Jan on the Cover.]